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Some troubleshooting tips.

My SpyraTwo does not work!

In case your SpyraTwo does not function as supposed or does not respond at all, please follow these steps: Charge the SpyraTwo for at least 5 hours before using it. Perform an empty shot if possible. To perform a reset hold the on/off button for 6 seconds and [ ] should appear on the tactical display. Now perform a regular shot with the SpyraTwo (CAUTION: The SpyraTwo might shoot water if there is still some water left in the tank). In case steps 1 - 3 did not yield any results, perform a reset while the SpyraTwo is plugged in for charging. This should show an error code on the tactical display of your SpyraTwo. Send the error code and a picture or video of the malfunction to our customer support at [email protected].

SpyraTwo is shooting air

1. Shoot your SpyraTwo empty until the tactical display shows 00%. 2. Perform an empty shot (video: 3. Fill the tank or your SpyraTwo like usual 4. Shoot 5 times in the air 5. Fill the tank or your SpyraTwo again 6. Shoot your SpyraTwo empty (Attention: only use regular shots for this)

My Spyra leaks after filling the tank

Water can enter through the outer shell of your Spyra if you overreach the immersion line (grey part of the SpyraOne front) while pumping. To avoid this only insert the Spyra to the marked immersion line into the water. If your Spyra is still leaking